• A savings account with no minimum deposit makes you a member
  • No monthly maintenance fees
  • Earned dividends based on balance

San Francisco Federal Credit Union offers a variety of savings products to help you save.

Regular Savings

Establishing a savings account with no deposit makes you a member and part-owner of San Francisco Federal Credit Union. The account provides you an opportunity to save and grow financially with the Credit Union. This is a tiered savings account that pays you dividends based on the balance you have in the account.

Money Market Yield Account

A Money Market Account is a great option if you would like to maximize your earnings while having access to the funds when you need it.  This is a tiered account that pays you dividends based on the balance you have.  There are no penalties for withdrawing.


A certificate of deposit, also known as a CD, is an effective investment for those who are looking for stability and protection of their principal over a period of time. CDs are a type of federally insured savings account that offers a fixed interest rate that is normally higher than a savings or money market account. Because it has fixed terms, any withdrawals prior to the maturity date can incur a penalty charge. CDs are best if you have no immediate plans for your money and you are looking for a guaranteed rate of return on your investment.

Custodial Youth Savings Accounts

  • Coverdell Education Savings Account or Certificate: Tax-deferred account for education savings
  • Uniform Transfer to Minors Account: Custodial account that helps build savings for minors. Click here (PDF) for an application.

In addition, we offer Youth Workshops that we can bring to your child’s school or organization, at no charge.

Retirement Accounts

It is never too early to start planning and saving for your future. We can help build your nest egg so you can be on a path toward living a financially stable retirement.

We offer both Traditional IRA savings and Roth IRA savings. Traditional IRA savings, in most cases, will allow you to make pre-tax contributions, meaning when you make deposits into the IRA you are able to deduct that amount from your taxable income and in return, pay fewer taxes for the year. A Roth IRA savings may be right for you if you don’t need the tax deduction now and prefer tax-free withdrawal at retirement. IRA certificates are available in both Traditional and Roth, and, like our regular certificates, come with term options that pay higher dividends for longer terms.

Youth Accounts

It’s never too early to give our youth a strong financial foundation and teach them money management skills with a Youth Savings and Checking Account. We offer products, services, and programs that will teach young people the importance of saving money for the future. Our Youth Account features:

  • No monthly maintenance fees
  • No minimum monthly balance requirements
  • Immediate dividend earnings
  • Youth seminars and events
  • Newsletters
  • Access to online and mobile banking
  • Product and Services
    • Ages 6-12 (Savings, Money Market and Certificate accounts)
    • Ages 13-17 (Savings, Money Market and Certificate accounts)
      • Checking account (Free overdraft transfer protection)
      • Visa debit card available
      • Online bill payments (Internal and External Transfers)

NCUA Insurance

The standard share insurance amount is $250,000 per share owner, per insured credit union, for each account ownership category. The $250,000 standard share insurance account became permanent through the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010.

The NCUA Share Insurance Estimator

The NCUA Electronic Share Insurance Estimator is available to help members better understand the protection offered by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF). This interactive site allows users to input data to compute the amount of NCUSIF coverage available under different account scenarios. This resource is available at


Regular Savings & Money Market Yield

Regular Savings
$100 (min)0.015%
$2,500 (min)0.015%
$20,000 (min)0.015%
$50,000 (min)0.025%
$80,000 (min)0.025%
Last Updated: 02/01/2024
Money Market Yield Account
$2,500 (min)0.100%
$20,000 (min)0.15%
$50,000 (min)0.351%
$80,000 (min)0.501%
Last Updated: 02/01/2024
IRA Savings
IRA Savings0.150%
Last Updated: 02/01/2024

*APY= Annual Percentage Yield. Rates accurate as of August 1, 2019, subject to change after account opening. Fees may reduce earnings. While every effort has been made to ensure that this website contains accurate and current information regarding rates and other terms, errors may occur. Rates quoted are subject to correction and change by San Francisco Federal Credit Union.

Savings FAQs

How many withdrawals can I make from my savings account?

Savings accounts are designed to help consumers save. Per federal law, you can make six (6) withdrawals or transfers from savings products each month. If you exceed the number of allowed withdrawals and transfers, the credit union will charge an Excess Activity Fee.

Does a savings account have a routing number, and can I have a direct deposit set up?

Yes, your savings routing number is the same as for your checking. San Francisco Federal Credit Union’s routing number is 321076441. Direct deposits can be set up to go into your savings account and is a great way to build your savings.

Can I write checks from my savings or money market account?

Our savings products do not allow for check writing. For unlimited check writing capabilities, you can open a checking account.

How is savings interest calculated?

The regular savings use the formula: Daily Balance method. Each day you earn interest on the ending balance that interest earned is added up, not compounded paid out at the end of the month.

What happens when my Certificate/CD Matures?

When you open your CD with us, you will have the opportunity to make arrangements for the money upon the CD maturity date. If you do not make arrangements then, there is a 10-day grace period after your CD reaches maturity during which time you may roll over your balance to a new CD, add funds to the account or reduce the balance. You can also transfer the money to a different account or close the account without penalty.

If you want to roll over your balance to a new CD, please contact us for the latest dividend rates and Annual Percentage Yield (APY) and to discuss term options. We can be reached during regular business hours at 415-775-5377.

Should I select a Traditional IRA or a Roth IRA?

We recommend that you consult your attorney, CPA, or financial advisor on what investment options are best for you.

Contact Us for more information or call 415-775-5377

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